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Robust operations for viral vectors to support cell therapies and extensive technical knowledge for in vitro & in vivo gene delivery

Cell and gene therapies increasingly rely on larger genetic payloads and multiple genetic elements to further improve efficacy and safety. Viral vectors remain the gold standard for gene delivery for cell therapies and in vivo gene therapies. Our team has spent many years refining viral vector platforms to enable effective and high-quality delivery of complex genes. This enables a streamlined project plan to better meet demanding program timelines.

Viral Vector Development Process

viral vector platforms.png

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  • GOI design and optimization

  • Gamma retroviral vector- SIN transient and SIN stable production platforms

  • Lentiviral vector- 3rd generation design with EU compliant sterile-grade filtration

  • AAV tissue specific promoter design and screening

  • Product specific process and analytical development

  • Scale Down Models (and testing) for IND Supporting Materials

  • Manufacturability Assessment


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