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Established clinical processes for donor cell enrichment, genetic modification, large scale cell expansion, and fill/freeze applicable to allogeneic and autologous cell therapies

GeneFab’s team has spent multiple years developing improved manufacturing methods to address gene modified cell therapies, with special focus on technology innovation, modular unit operations, and facility design.

  • CAR NK Cells: Established process for off-the-shelf allogeneic clinical manufacturing starting from donor peripheral blood

  • Allogeneic Cells: Expertise with cell enrichment, genetic modification, expansion, and fill across many therapeutic cell types

  • Autologous Immune Cells: Cleanroom suites, process and analytical equipment ready to support CAR T and other personalized cell therapies

Turnkey CAR NK Process

cell therapy platforms.png

Related GeneFab services

  • Product specific process and analytical development

  • Media and buffer screening

  • Genetic modification optimization

  • Final formulation and freezing optimization

  • Scale down and pilot scale feasibility assessments

  • cGMP Manufacturing

  • QC Lot Release Testing


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