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Built for innovative therapeutic programs


The making of a world-class cell & gene therapy facility

Newly-constructed 92,000 square-foot facility

  • 42,000 square feet commissioned for clinical GMP in 2023 (~50,000 square feet for future expansion)

  • Seven cleanroom suites in two segregated wings designed for US ISO7 and EU Grade B standards

  • Extensive QC labs supporting environmental monitoring, stability studies, and cell/gene therapy assays, with ability to add more


Designed for cell and gene therapy programs

  • Cell therapy (allogeneic and autologous)

  • Viral vector (retro, lenti, AAV)

  • Critical starting materials (cell isolation, cell banks)

Gene circuit and synthetic biology research center

  • High throughput cell therapy design, optimization, and screening

  • Extensive expertise in cell and gene therapies, including tissue specific promoters for AAV, regulated control of regenerative medicines (iPSC), and logic gates for CAR-T/CAR-NK


Let us support your next project

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