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GeneFab is at the intersection of genetic design and clinical manufacturing



To make innovative genetic medicines available for all.


Partnering with innovators to confidently design, manufacture, and commercialize cell and gene therapies for patients in need.

Generate solutions — Strategic decision making that drives results.

Genuine partners — Building trust and relationships.

Growing together — Dedicated to excellence and quality.

The future of cell and gene therapies holds tremendous potential to change the lives of countless patients. While recent advances in genetic engineering and synthetic biology have further expanded the universe of genetic medicines, challenges with manufacturing remain a primary bottleneck in getting these medicines into the clinic.

GeneFab was founded to address the intersection of genetic design with clinical manufacturing. Our team has a deep understanding of the pressures and challenges our clients face in developing novel therapies. We have walked in your shoes, and we are dedicated to work with you through your biggest milestones.

We believe in innovators. Current cell and gene therapies may eventually be replaced by improved generations of products. These new and bigger waves of success will be driven by a growing cohort of innovative companies. To best support this evolution, we have brought together a talented team of synthetic biologists, technology developers, and manufacturing operators.

We are honored to grow together on this journey. Working together, we can design better products. We can manufacture at larger scale and lower cost. We can make innovative genetic medicines that have the potential to extend life for many patients.

Philip Lee, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer



GeneFab by the numbers


years of collective experience in cell and gene therapies


cell and gene therapy IND projects worked on by our staff


of staff with experience at a cell and gene therapy innovator company


Our facilities are designed to support innovative therapeutic programs

Alameda, CA

cGMP Manufacturing Facility

South San Francisco, CA

Research Center


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