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We're making innovative genetic medicines available for all

At the intersection of genetic design and clinical manufacturing


To partner with innovators to confidently design, manufacture, and commercialize cell and gene therapies for patients in need.

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Together we can bring breakthrough therapies to patients

We believe in the future of cell and gene therapies

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Committed to the next generation of therapy


We believe the full potential of cell and gene therapies depends on innovator companies.

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Built to support innovators


We understand the unique challenges and pressures you face advancing novel programs into the clinic.

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Growing with you on your product journey

We strive to scale with you to maximize benefit for all patients in need.


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We're a a CRDMO that understands the needs of innovators

  • Research expertise in gene-to-cell design and optimization enables improvements in product design and manufacturability.

  • Emphasis on a Process & Analytical Development mindset for seamless integration of novel products with GMP platforms to minimize time and risk. 

  • Flexibility of Tech Ops teams and facilities to rapidly respond to your needs and deliver on critical milestones.

  • Open project management style to ensure our resources are fully aligned to support the drug development lifecycle from discovery through commercialization.


Committed to transparency throughout each project 

​We ensure all relevant data and information are provided to enable informed decision-making and facilitate successful project completion.


What you should expect from us:

  • Detailed Project Gantt Chart and routine meeting structures

  • Collaborative knowledge and document sharing through secure, cloud-based tools

  • Rapid data sharing and routine monitoring/trending

  • GeneFab Program Management Officer dedicated to supporting communication channels, information flow, and technical collaboration throughout transfer

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Let us support your next project

Reach out with requests or questions. Our team will be in touch shortly!


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